Do You Actually Have to Add Lime to Sweeten the Soil?

Directory listing of residential contractors - Service Expert Blogs - . The best and only way to determine if your lawn truly needs lime is to have the soil pH tested by a reputable soil testing service. Most County Extension Services offer soil testing services for free or for a small fee. Do a search on line for soil testing services and you will find many options in your area ..More

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4 Ways to Make Your Lawn Work for You This Year

Directory listing of technicians - Service Call Blogs - *Be sure to check your local laws and regulations; some governments/municipalities claim rainwater belongs to them, not your 50 gallon drum. ..More

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Fairy Rings: Bringing Back the Magic

10 Best reputed technicians - Maintenance Forum Pages - Or perhaps the fairies can only hear them if they clean up their room and brush their teetha€¦you're the storyteller, after all. Or maybe the fairies want to be heard, because they have a special message for the youngsters: tie those shoes tight, kids; legend has it the only way the fairies will hear you is if you run around the circle nine times, in the direction of the sun, on a day when there's going to be a full moon. The narrative is up to you: maybe stepping into one of these rings brings either good fortune, or frightening encounters with fire-breathing dragons. Get the kids outside and spin a tale of what thrives within the ring. ..More

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Early Spring Start-Up Tips

Popular nationwide professional contractors - Technicians Talk Blogs - In fact, for much of the northern US, the chance for frost can persist until at least Mother's Day. One thing to keep in mind; it is only the middle of April and the chance for temperatures to drop below freezing is still a real possibility. ..More

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Do You Have Plants That Attract Bees?

Best Local professional contractors - Technicians Talk Blogs - It may be a marketing campaign, but it does have positive benefits, as long as the seeds end up in the garden and not in a kitchen drawer. Some large corporations are taking matters into their own hands. General Mills has stepped up to help create more flowering plants for bees. . To that end, they are giving away millions of seed packets of flowersA thatA are attractive to bees and other pollinators. They have removed the trademarked honey bee character from the front of the cereal boxes in hopes of creating an awareness of the need to improve habitats for bees ..More

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